Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Graduate.....

This afternoon, Nolan Urbanski (my first born grandchild) graduated from Kindergarten. I took a LATE lunch and attended the short program. All those years I used to arrive EARLY and hope to save good seats - now, my daughter is a teacher at Corpus Christi. I arrived one minute before "showtime" and Mrs. Urbanski had a front row seat staked out for grandma.

So, the program was only about 20 minutes long - filled with lots of songs. Cameras were flashing, video was rolling and those kids put on quite the show.

My first born and her first born.

Grandma and the Graduate.

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Life's A Journey... said...

LOVED this blog entry! My kids watched the videos over and over. Curtis says, "Nolan looks a little like me!" Missing Carrie SO much! Can't belive how old Nolan is! Cute pics- thanks for sharing!