Friday, June 06, 2008

The Proper Way to Eat an Oreo Cookie

Sometimes I think the ONLY reason Jack and Grace want to come to Grandma's house is for milk and Oreo cookies. Another thing I ponder - how does a 2-year old know that he's supposed to pull the two layers of cookie apart? Is it just something deep within the senses? I mean, no one taught him to pull the Oreo apart. He even dunks the Oreo in his milk. The kid's a genius!!!

Notice in this first photo - layer one is going into the mouth, while layer two (complete with the frosting) is waiting in his left hand.

In this photo, he's taking a bite of the "good stuff".

Now - he goes for the milk dunk.

...and finally, the cookies are gone, but there's a few crumbs left in the bottom of his milk glass. Yes sir - I think Jack has mastered the proper way to eat an Oreo cookie.

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