Wednesday, March 03, 2010


My friend Lisa loves Geneology.  I wish I had the time and energy to trace my family roots as she has done.  Instead, I leave everything in the more than capable hands of my cousin-in-law Cindy, in Colorado.  Cindy has traced the MILHAM family (my father, her mother-in-law) back 6 and 7 generations to England.   Thanks to all of Cindy's dedication and hard work, I've been able to print out everything and keep it intact for my children.   I've been able to collect some wonderful photos from my mom and my recently deceased Aunt Mabel - photos of my dad as a baby and a teenager.  In the first photo, my dad is the baby - along with my Aunt Dorothy and my Uncle Jim.  Uncle Bob would come along a few years later. 

al, dorothy and jim

The second photo shows the three boys in 1939 - my dad in the middle.  I look at these three and pity my poor grandmother!!!

Uncle Bob, Al and Uncle Jim 1931

OK, so I don't trace my roots - but I do create my scrapbooks.  Someday, I'm hoping that all of the work and love I've put into these books will answer questions for those who look for answers regarding our family in years to come.  A small window into our lives and our loves.  My donation to the branches on our tree - made "with love" by me.