Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Crazy Life and All It Entails…..

How did I ever have time to run a household and raise seven children?  I’m down to one child and my life is busier and more hectic than ever.  I’m currently 3 weeks behind on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  My DVR is calling to me to “clean it off”.  My Scentsy business is busier than I ever expected.  I’m going on a Scrapbook Weekend with friends in seven days and I haven’t had time to touch my scrapbook supplies since last fall.  I have 3 grandchildren spending the night tonight, and I’m trying to find things to keep them entertained. At least I don’t have two weddings to plan this year.

So, today I will close two Scentsy parties, catch up on “DAYS”, cook spaghetti for the grandkids and try to plan some layouts for next weekend.

…and be thankful for my crazy life.

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