Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Little Star Power

If you live here, you tend to take Notre Dame Football Weekends for granted. I mean, this is our home - we live here, we work here, our kids play sports - just like every other city across America. BUT, on football weekends, we get invaded by hundreds of thousands of people and each weekend, some celebrities find their way here. During the years I worked on campus, I've seen quite a few - Phil Donahue, George Wentz (Norm from "Cheers"), Amy Grant, Julia Roberts, Vince Vaughn and actually met some - including Regis Philbin (more than once), and Ned Beatty and Sean Astin (during the filming of "Rudy").

At Friday night's Pep Rally, Jon Bon Jovi shows up with his little boy - sporting a Notre Dame t-shirt and doing his best to blend in with the fans. Win or lose, the Irish seem to pull in the fans - even the famous ones.

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Michelle Burry said...

Holy crud! How cool is that?!