Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Lovin' EBay...

I have a CRICUT machine and lots of font cartridges. Recently, I've decided I'd like to give the Disney cartridges a try - but it's tough to build an inventory when the retail price is $99 each. Walmart carries the CRICUT and their prices are greatly reduced, but they still run $69.99 for the Disney cartridges. Over the past week I've been bidding like a "mad woman" on EBay and I was successful on four cartridges - ranging in price from $19 - $40 - all brand new - all sealed in original packaging. Even with shipping, I paid $120 for four of them. I couldn't have bought two at Walmart for that price. I'm just lovin' it when I can get a bargain!!! I think that Carrie still has a couple of Disney trips to complete. Hopefully I can create some cute embellishments for her.

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