Monday, October 27, 2008

She Can't Pronounce It....

So, the bride-to-be informs me this morning that they have decided on a honeymoon location.

"Where is it?"

"I can't remember, but it's in the Caribbean."

"Aruba, St. Martaan, St. Thomas?"

"No - but it's near Aruba. I can't pronounce it."

So, I did a quick GOOGLE search of islands near Aruba that are difficult to pronounce. And I came up with.....


"That's it!!"

"OK, so do you remember the name of the resort?"

"It starts with a "K"?

And I'm back to GOOGLE, searching resorts on the island of Curacao.

"Kura Hulanda Beach Club?"


So, after 15 minutes of Twenty Questions, we have an island, we have a resort and we have a description with photos. According to Chrissie, it's exactly what they both want - tropical and secluded.

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