Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Finally Picked a Winner.....

It only took me seven seasons of American Idol to pick a winner - and I did it!!! Most years, I'd pick a "favorite" and they'd lose out early on. Three years ago, the "rockers" started to enter the picture with Bo Bice. I was on his bandwagon until the final and he finished second behind a very deserving Carrie Underwood. The next year, it was Chris Daughtry. I just knew I'd finally found "the one" and was more than just a little SHOCKED when he finished 4th. At that point, I swore off American Idol. I mean COME ON - where the HECK is Taylor Hicks today?????? Anyway - Daughtry is laughing all the way to the bank on THAT ONE America!

Last year there were no rockers, so I threw my support to an extremely talented Melinda Doolittle and she finished 3rd. Would I NEVER pick a winner???

Season 7 came out with the rocker boys in force!!! A young bartender from Kansas City, Missouri caught my ear early on (when he sang his rendition of Billie Jean) and I'm proud to say that the rest of America must have been thinking the same thing. Congratulations to David Cook on winning Season 7 of American Idol and congratulations to ME for finally picking a WINNER.

One of the highlights from last night's star-studded season finale (for me) was seeing David rock the house with ZZ Top.


...and then that MOMENT when the winner was announced.


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