Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mad Dash for Cans

Clay High School wrapped up it's can food drive with it's "MAD DASH". They met at Clay at 6:00 for the big send-off and then it was time to hit the streets. These four (Cody, Ben, Katie and my Kelli) decided to scope out our neighborhood and by the time they were done, Ben's trunk held 348 cans. They trudged through the cold and snow with their backpacks loaded with cans. Kellie said that some people wouldn't open there doors or worse yet, closed the doors in their faces and yet others invited them inside to warm up while they dug through their cabinets for canned good. After a couple of hours, they showed up back on my doorstep looking for hot chocolate - which was the least I could do. Then they were were off again - back to Clay to deliver the goods. According to this morning's news reports, the final tally was 125,000 cans for local charities. WOW - that's awesome! Congrats to all the students and faculty that participated in this year's drive.

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