Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Latest...

Bob's home - with the addition of a beard and a pulled hamstring. Other than that, he survived his week of baseball, beer and beach in Ft. Meyers. He says he's too old and he won't be doing it next year. Yeah, right. Wait until January when they have their annual Cardinal party - sharing their photographs and stories, and he'll be ready to sign his name to the dotted line for another year.

Kelli and I got along just fine for our week - did some shopping and ate out a couple of times - some mother/daughter bonding. Can't wait to see how the two of them get along when I'm gone for ten days. Hope she realizes there will be NO shopping and meals out will consist of McDonald's and Burger King.

I'm actually looking forward to the fact that cell phones don't work aboard ship and she'll be unable to reach me to complain about her father.

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