Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is it REALLY November???

Where has this year gone? It just seems like a few weeks ago my sister in law and I started planning our cruise - but it was actually way back in January - and now it's just four short weeks away. Ben and Jack will be celebrating their first birthdays in 6 weeks. They're crawling everywhere and pulling themselves up and standing. Ben has a mouthful of teeth and Jack just got his first one - but Jack crawled weeks before Ben. (No competition here.) Bob's in Florida right now with his baseball buddies playing in the Roy Hobbs World Series. He's been looking forward to this since he got home LAST year. As of today, they're 2 and 2 and playing again as I type this. He actually sounded a little homesick last night when he called. Bobby just got his Official Honorable Discharge papers from the military. As thrilled as I am with that, Angela (his girlfriend) said that he was actually sad about it. I guess that's something that only someone in the military can understand. So that catches us up to the first week in November. Lots coming up this month - besides Thanksgiving, Bob and I have our 35th class reunion and then Katie and I head off to the sunny confines of Florida and the Caribbean. Somewhere in there, I'd better get my Christmas shopping completed!!!! Don't want to face that when I'm in "cruise withdrawel".

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