Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grandma Duty

Colleen and Jimmy are in Las Vegas and I have "Ben Duty". So, I'm back to picking up children from the sitters - then home to deal with strained sweet potatoes and some sort of fruit concoction. So far, so good. We got the diapers changed and the pajamas on and his bottle. We settled into a comfy chair to bond. He proceeded to somehow dislodge the nipple of his bottle and eight ounces of stinky formula dumped all over my sweater, my pants, and his clean pajamas. Now he's MAD!!! No patience for Grandma to make another bottle. So, we've stripped off the wet pajamas and I've dug through my son in law's drawers for some 2001 golf/beer drinking t-shirt (to take the place of my soaked sweater) - which looked exceptionally stylish with my black tweed wool pants. We finally got a new bottle, clean pajamas and a dry grandmother - and he was ready for bed. By 7:30, Aunt Katie had arrived for the overnight stay and I drug myself home - only to do it again tonight.

Katie called me at 8:30 this morning, complaining about how much work it is to get him up and dressed and fed and to the sitter's. She was sooooo exhausted before she even got to work.

Don't even go there with me missy!


Amy Bradburn said...

Wow - sounds like you guys are having quite the time. This posting may help me out on the decision...should we have another one? Bob is all for it, but I'm not too sure just yet...I'll make sure he reads this post!

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