Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It’s Been Good To Me…..

I went into business for myself about 18 months ago. 

It’s been good to me. 

It’s brought new people into my life.

It’s sent me places I never thought I’d go.

Thanks to Scentsy, in the past year I’ve cruised to Alaska with my little brother, where we watched a bald eagle sore over an Alaskan landscape and a whale play in the waters off the coast of Sitka.


I’ve stood next to an iceberg and felt extremely “small” and “insignificant”.


It let me experience Hawaii with my daughter and watch the thrill on her face as we stood atop an active volcano, and atop the final resting place of the sailors who died at Pearl Harbor.




And now, in six weeks I will fly to Boston for a week with my husband.  My latest Scentsy accomplishment.  Last night, he told me that he never dreamed that some day he’d see Fenway Park.  In September, he will.

Another chapter in our lives – thanks to Scentsy.

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