Thursday, January 07, 2010

January in Northern Indiana….

It’s always this time of year that I ask myself, “why do I choose to live here?”  It’s cold and it snows continually and the sun NEVER shines.   I grew up in southern Illinois.  If we got 6” of snow, school shut down.  Here in northern Indiana, it takes at least a foot or more of snow and even then, school rarely cancels.  Growing up, I never heard of “system snow” and “lake effect”.  Spend 20 years living on the southeastern edge of Lake Michigan and you quickly become accustomed to lake effect snow. 

We learn to dress in layers, we pre-heat our cars and we can’t function without a snow blower.  We send the dog outside to do “his thing” and he looks at us like “you’re kidding me, right?”  Our cars are covered with salt and dirty snow until spring. 

I guess living through these months, makes us even more appreciative of the first signs of spring.  As for me, I’m dreaming of June and a Mother/Daughter trip to Hawaii with Carrie.  So, while I watch the snow fall outside my office window and feel the little space heater blowing hot air onto my feet – I’m finding photos of our resort and setting them up as backgrounds on my computer. 

Anything to get me through another January in Northern Indiana. 



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