Monday, October 19, 2009

Hoosier Girl – Alaskan Memories No. 3

After a rough day at sea on Sunday, we woke on Monday morning to calm seas and our first look at the beauty of Alaska.   We weren’t the only ship making the journey through the calm waters.  This was our view as we sailed toward Juneau.  Snow-capped mountains that seemed to go on forever.


After a day when a lot of people stayed in their rooms to avoid the high seas, Monday morning brought many of us out on the deck.  The temperatures weren’t too cold and we were approaching our first port. 



Juneau wasn’t at all what I expected from a state capital.  No big buildings, taxis, congested traffic.  It was a fishing village and tourist destination, thanks to the cruise line.   We were told that Anchorage resembles any other big city in the U.S. – but not Juneau.



We did a lot of souvenir shopping in Juneau.  Met a local artist who’s son went to Notre Dame and he talked about visiting South Bend on many occasions.  After a couple hours of visiting all the quaint little shops, we were ready for some nourishment.  I know it doesn’t surprise you to learn that we headed straight to the Red Dog Saloon.  This place was PACKED!   There was some old guy in here playing a piano and singing, sawdust covered the floor and the waiters were rude and had a lot of fun with the customers. 



A bowl of salmon chowder and I was ready for our next adventure – the tramway up the side of Mt. Roberts.


The Mt. Roberts Tramway is one of the areas favorite tourist attractions.  Frank wasn’t too thrilled with spending $25 to ride a tram up the side of the mountain – but once up there, he changed his tune. 



There was a Nature Center atop the mountain and the views were spectacular!!


There’s our ship!!


This pretty girl was a resident of the Nature Center.  She had been shot with a pellet gun and blinded in one eye.  Her collarbone was also broke and she could no longer fly.  She was rescued and kept here at the Center, because she could no longer hunt and take care of herself in the wild. 



Uhhhh – no thanks.  I think I’ll be taking the tram back down.


Once back on the city streets of Juneau, we hopped aboard a bus and attended a Salmon Bake with some of our other “Scentsy Friends”.  This pretty girl met us at the entrance to the Salmon Bake.  For those of you unfamiliar with the breed – she’s an Alaskan Malamute.



The salmon was fantastic!!!  Cooked over a open fire with a brown sugar glaze.  They had fire pits where we could roast marshmallows.  The location was set up along a creek and this was the perfect way to end our day in Juneau. 


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