Monday, February 09, 2009

What a Weekend!!!

It just couldn't have been any better. I have lots of stories and photos to share, but suffice it to say that it was "perfect".

My little brother Frank and sister-in-law Arlette flew in on Friday morning, bringing lots of sunshine and warm weather with them from Florida. This morning, Kevin and I took them back to the airport for their flight home. After saying our "goodbyes", Kevin and I went upstairs to the viewing deck, where about 30 people were waiting. Coincidently, Air Force One and President Obama were arriving in South Bend this morning. Frank and Arlette boarded their plane and waited. At first they were told they would take off before Air Force one landed and they would miss it by five minutes. Just a few minutes later, the announcement was made that all air traffic had ceased. The Allegiant flight sat on the tarmack and Air Force One thundered onto the runway.

Arlette called me from her cell phone to tell me that her seat was on the "right" side and she was able to see it. In fact, she was snapping away and people across the aisle were passing her their email addresses so she could share her photos. Air Force One taxied down the runway, turned and parked right behind the Allegiant Flight.

Kevin and I watched as the motorcade departed the airport and then we went to pick up Colleen, Benjamin and little A.J. and did some shopping and out to lunch. That is still my brother's flight sitting and waiting (lower right hand corner of photo).

On the way home, we thought that MAYBE we could stop back near the airport and watch the plane take off. We found a place to park and we waited. Before long, the motorcade approached and within 10 minutes, Air Force started moving toward us. Kevin jumped out of the car to hold Benjamin and I grabbed my camera. I think this sight may have been even more impressive than this morning.

It went past us, turned and the engines were revving up. Kevin and Benjamin had the perfect view!!!

.....and just like that, it's off.

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Amy Bradburn said...

Amazing Patty! Thanks for sharing, you are awesome!