Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talented Friends....

I have a friend who is an extremely talented photographer. She started a business last fall and our family jumped at the chance to have her photograph the "babies". Yesterday, she did another photo shoot with Colleen's kids. Jenny, I'm thinking the Knight, Urbanski, Van Fleit families will keep your business "healthy" for years to come.

Here's a sampling of what Jenny Hoke has provided us with over the past four months.....

Benjamin Van Fleit: 3 years old

A. J. Van Fleit - 4 months old

Katie and Santiago's Engagement Shoot:

Anna Knight - 14 months old (taken in November)

...and family photos from November:

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{jennyhoke}photography said...

You guys are the best, Patty! I love photographing your beautiful family! THANK YOU!!