Friday, November 21, 2008

It's November - for Cryin' Out Loud!!!

It's November. Not January. Not February. I've known my son-in-law to play golf up through Thanksgiving. So what the heck are we doing with 9+ inches of snow this morning??!!! I stuck my head outside and all I could hear was the "buzz" of the neighborhood snowblowers. Is this a sample of the winter ahead? If so, I'm going to be a stark-raving maniac come February!

Even the dog looked at me kinda weird this morning - you know the look. Like, "you don't really expect ME to go out there and do my thing, do you?" Poor Rigby - his ears were dragging in the snow. He quickly took care of "business" and high-tailed it to his favorite warm/dry spot under the dining room table. Makes me wish I could spend my day there too.

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Melody said...

I could have written this today. I always want snow for the Holidays, CHRISTMAS, not Thanksgiving.