Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oh, the joy of a laptop and wireless card!!! It's currently EARLY and we are part of a caravan of three cars making our way to southern lllinois and Grandma's house. Somehow, Bob and I have ended up alone, which is not so bad. We can listen to OUR music, no one's fighting me for the laptop, and there's not teenage arguing coming from the backseat. Later today, we'll assemble with all the Knight siblings, cousins, grandchildren, etc. It will NOT be peaceful. I may find a way to retreat to the furthest corner of the house with my latest Twilight book and try to find a little peace and quiet - but I know it's highly unlikely. Tomorrow will mean a day of shopping with my sister-in-laws and my daughters somewhere in St. Louis. Next year, the Thanksgiving celebration will have to take place in South Bend, as we prepare for Katie and Santiago's wedding. But today, we'll eat lots of turkey, take lots of pictures, enjoy watching the aunts "ooh" and "aah" over Katie and Chrissie's rings, and cherish the memories of our family.

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