Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, Friday night I hosted a Scentsy Party - actually I hosted it and introduced the product and wrote up the orders (with help from my daughter, Carrie). My consultant had a last minute emergency and wanted me to reschedule. I told her "not to worry" - I'd been to several of these parties and the product sold itself - I could handle it. Little did I realize what a great turnout I would have and just HOW MUCH I'd sell. My consultant had told me ahead of time that her parties were averaging around $600 and her largest ever was $800. Well, hold onto your hats boys and girls. Between Carrie and I, we sold $1135 worth of Scentsy - thanks in part to a few bottles of wine and lots of great conversation.

Here's the thing. I'm a candle freak. I always have candles burning and "smelling" up my house. But like most people, I always had to make sure they were extinguished before leaving the house or going to bed. Then a couple of years ago, my daughter's friend went home to Utah to visit her family and went to a Scentsy party. (These are wonderful warming pots, heated by a 25 watt lightbulb - no flames). She immediately came home and signed up to sell the product. She is now the "director" here in our area and has lots of sales persons under her. So, over the past year I've slowly decreased my candle inventory and built my Scentsy stash. Prior to my party, I owned three of the warming pots and numerous scents. Lets just say that after this party, there won't be a room in my house without a pot, my office will be adorned and a couple of Christmas gifts have been taken care of. I earned $175 worth free and 5 half/priced items - to the tune of 7 warmers and more fragrance bars than I dare count.

AND, new for fall - these fun little warmers that plug into your outlets. I ordered one for each of my bathrooms. Just drop one little square in the top and flip the switch - nice smells and a cute bathroom night light.

It was a fun night, and my house will be smelling SWEET for a very long time!!

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