Monday, October 13, 2008

5 Things

5 THINGS - Saw this on my friend Lisa's Blog and thought I'd give it a try....

1 thing I did today:
  • Installed the print drivers on Bob's new laptop - he'd be LOST without me.

2 things I still have to do today:

  • Meet Kelli at the doctor at 3:10.
  • Close my Scentsy party.

3 secret wishes I have:

  • to have good success with the trainer in regards to my weight loss.
  • that Carrie and Joe find a beautiful house, in the neighborhood she wants.
  • that little A.J. shows up soon, so his mama can get a good night's sleep.

4 things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

  • working football concessions with other softball parents
  • going to Greta's with the bride, the maid of honor and the matron of honor - in search of bridesmaid's dresses
  • spending Saturday night with friends at the Clay Baseball Trivia Night
  • celebrating Bob's birthday - hopefully dinner for two at the Millenium Steakhouse.

5 things I need to accomplish this winter:

  • make 200+ wedding invitations
  • continue working with my trainer in order to lose 30 pounds
  • scrapbook my cruise - 500+ photos!!
  • finalize wedding plans before spring (and high school softball) gets here
  • clean and organize my basement

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