Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Perfect Dog Names....

Have you ever seen a breed of dog and think about the perfect name?

We didn't do that with our Cocker Spaniel. We decided to name him after a Beatle song and we came up with Rigby. Nothing about him reminds us of the Beatles, but we still like to sing Eleanor Rigby to him.

Some breeds just attract the perfect name - like a Chihuahua name Chico, a German Shepard named Sarge, a Bulldog named Buster, or a Boxer named Rocky.

Yesterday, after work I stopped by the clinic to see Chrissie for a few minutes and as I was leaving, a couple walked through the door with a HUGE Bloodhound. He was just shuffling along, kind of slow and Chrissie says, "Buford - is that you?" I looked at him and thought, "yep - that's a Buford". That was definitely the perfect name for that old guy.

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