Monday, July 14, 2008

The Last Inning of the Last Game of the Last Tournament.....

This past weekend was the final tournament for Kelli's travel team - this one in Columbia City, Indiana - and like the tournament two weeks ago, we swept right through this one to the championship.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Kelli came to bat with two on base. She executed a perfect slap and was in the process of beating out the throw at first, when the first baseman stretched wide to catch an off the base throw and tangled up with Kelli. It happend so quickly that I couldn't tell you what happened. A couple of the fathers thought it looked like their arms got wrapped up. Anyway, there was a collision and they they both went down hard, with Kelli landing on her right arm. I was sitting near home plate and I could hear her crying. By the time I got to the fence, two of our fathers and our coach were in the dirt trying to console her. She was covered from head to toe in dirt, with tears streaming down her face. Coach Olinger told me he was just happy when he pulled off her batting glove and didn't see a bone sticking out. They eventually got her off the field and got the arm iced down. We won the game a few minutes later by the 10-run rule, got another huge trophy and the much anticipated championship t-shirt.

Kelli was in a lot of pain and in no mood to join the team for dinner, so we started for home. As we drove through Warsaw (still an hour from South Bend), we stopped at the hospital. I had a feeling our wait time there would be substantially less than at Memorial in South Bend. The staff in Warsaw were wonderful!!! Luckily the arm is not broke - the diagnosis was a severe sprain with hyper-extension. She is in an arm brace for two weeks and very thankful it's not a cast. It was nearly 10:00 before we got home and we were both exhausted.

I'll post some weekend photos a little later.

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