Friday, July 11, 2008

A Bride With a Mind of Her Own....

We have a bride with a mind of her own. It's becoming hard to believe that this was my easy going, thumb sucking child. When it comes to this wedding stuff - watch out!! Don't get me wrong - I do love her wedding dress. Is it what I had envisioned for her? No. Is it the dress for her? Yes. Of all my daughters, she's probably the only one who could pull off that dress and the reason is that she's tall.

The other point she drilled into me from the beginning - no tiara. WHAT??!!! But she's my princess!!!! All princesses need a tiara on their wedding day. Her response, "no tiara". So, she has on the dress and they bring out the most beautiful veil and they attach it to the back of her hair and then they bring out two white magnolia blossoms and pin them into the side. I have to admit, it took my breath away. OK - OK, maybe we can get by without the tiara.

Now, she has a vision of how she wants to wear her hair - and we are in agreement on this one. We're collecting photos and putting them into our notebook. Her sister (the hair stylist) has already informed her that she will NOT be doing her hair that morning, because she'll be part of the wedding party and will not stress out over the bride's hair. Knowing there will be at least a dozen of us at Salon Fusion that morning, I'm not worried. We'll be in good hands and the bride's hair will be beautiful!!!

Here's one idea for our suggestion book.

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