Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Have My Life Back.....

After five months of softball, I have my life back. It seems like I've been sitting in bleachers and a lawn chair for as long as I can remember - and eating out of a cooler and a concession stand. I can't remember the last time I really COOKED a meal.

So...........what am I going to do with myself now???

First of all, I'm going to give my house a good cleaning and then I'm going to:
  • Scrapbook.
  • Make wedding bouquets.
  • Try to create a beautiful wedding invitation.
  • Take a calligraphy class (if I can find one).
  • Catch up on a month's worth of Days of Our Lives (thanks to my DVR).
  • Research ideas for wedding favors and reception decorations.
  • Enjoy some time with my grandchildren.
  • and lose weight so I can buy a drop-dead gorgeous mother-of-the-bride dress.

It's a good thing I have eight months until she starts playing again.


Amy Bradburn said...

You should take a class by Anne Binder at Studio Arts, she does beautiful caligraphy. http://www.artseverywhere.com/?app=classDetail&id=1626

Patty Knight said...

Thanks Amy! I've emailed them for some more imformation. I think Mary Lou's going to take the class with me and the we can BOTH address wedding invitations. It's good to have FRIENDS!