Friday, July 18, 2008

A Change of Heart....

Two weeks ago, we had a bride who wanted black bridesmaid dresses and calla lilies. Absolutely no roses. That was it. She had her mind set.

Earlier this week, she gave in just a little bit. Maybe a few roses interspersed among the calla lilies to add some filler. And her dress color choice had changed from black to moss green.

So this morning, I get an email that starts off like this: "Your gonna kill me". (I knew it wasn't going to be good.) She found a photo of the perfect bouquet - kind of vintage - perfect with the moss green dresses - and full of ROSES!!! Yep, you heard me - roses.

Her exact words were, "I found these flowers and I LOVE them. I dont know what color the roses are, but there are some pink in it too. And i like how it has just a couple of dark roses in there too. I think it gives it an antique look. And it would look really good in front of the moss dresses. And if i have to go all roses I don't care. I just really REALLY love everything about this bouqet."

So.....does anyone have any use for 90 peach/pink calla lilies?

(If the truth were to be known - I like these bouquets sooooooooo much better than her original choice). Just don't tell her, because we tend to not agree on too many thing with this wedding planning stuff.

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