Friday, May 23, 2008


I've always had this "thing" for lighthouses. Living near Lake Michigan, it's easy to find one. I have a lighthouse bathroom in my house. Just something calming about a lighthouse. When I was a little girl, I LOVED the movie Captain January with Shirley Temple. (My mom hooked me on those movies). Anyway - she lived in a lighthouse with Captain January and they'd dance and sing their way up and down those steps. ok - ok ok - I'm rambling.

So, on our recent cruise, one of the most photographed lighthouses has to be the one as you enter (and exit) the harbor in Nassau. This photo was taken as we were leaving. Of course at the top left you can't miss the unmistakable outline of the Atlantis Resort and to the right - the bridge leading out to Paradise Island. If you could see to the extreme right - you'd see the quiet harbor area, the cruise ship docks and the shopping district of Nassau - the Straw Market and more than just a few bars and restaurants. And to the extreme left would be the open expanse of the blue waters of the Caribbean.

A little different view than what we see on Lake Michigan.

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