Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Indiana Jones.....

OK - so not really Indiana Jones, but I couldn't help but feel a little bit like we were on a movie set as we traversed the caves of the Sibun River in Belize. Unfortunately we had to leave our good camera on board the bus and use the disposable water cameras - and these just NEVER produce a very good image. Still, I think you can get an idea of what what our day consisted of.

After driving about an hour from the coast to the interior of Belize, we arrived at the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve - where our adventure began.

We picked up our headlamps and tubes and walked about 5 minutes before we came to the river. This was our introduction to the fresh, mountain water we'd be tubing in - and it was COLD! Our guides encouraged us to get in the water and get wet before we started our walk through the rainforest. This would help us to stay cool with the hot temperatures. Us girls waded in gingerly, but most of the guys decided to follow our guides and take the plunge.

We started our trek through the rainforest as our guides pointed out poisonous trees and plants, medicinal plants and even edible bugs. After a half hour hike, we arrived at the start of our tubing excursion and the entrance to our first cave.

It was very dark inside the caves and our headlamps came in handy. Our guides pointed out formations that had been used in religious ceremonies by the Mayan Indians. Bats flew along the ceilings of the caves. Like I said - it was like something out of a movie script. Before long, we were exiting out of the caves into the bright sunlight.

This was one of our favorite days - something we'll probably never experience again. I think something like this is so memorable because it's nothing we can experience in our own country. Our guides were exceptional - taking pride in their country and its natural beauty.

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