Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Did It!!!!

The conversation began about it 24 hours after we got home. It must have something to do with "vacation withdrawl". It was Sunday afternoon, April 13th and I was on the phone with my sister-in-law Arlette. I'd seen her just 24 hours earlier and now we were 1200 miles apart.

We started talking about dates and somehow November 7, 2009 came into the picture. Rates are cheaper that week for some reason. We shouldn't have to worry about hurricanes on that end and blizzards on our end.

As of today, we have 24 rooms being held on the Carnival Glory for our next Family/Friends cruise - Eastern Caribbean - Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Martaan.

You have until May 30th to reserve your spot - and then 15 months to pay it off.


JOIN US!!!!!

We can promise a GOOD TIME!!!!


Amy Bradburn said...

Sorry Patty, no cruising for me! I like to stay on the land.

Anonymous said...

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