Friday, April 18, 2008

Carnival GLORY Cruise - Day 5 - At Sea

After two busy port days (Cozumel and Belize), we were more than ready for a day of relaxation. I left Bob sleeping soundly when I slipped out of the room at 7:30 and headed for the Lido Deck. I found Gena's book and towels and assumed she was already on the track. I grabbed a couple more lounges next to her and ran to fill my mug with my morning chocolate/caramel latte. Then it was back to my chair to sit back and enjoy watching the Glory "come to life". The rest of the girls (Tonya, Arlette, and Chris) made their way out to join us before long and we usually saw our men by late morning. Of course, they NEVER sat in the sun. They roamed the decks, watched some basketball and volleyball, played a little corn-hole and drank a lot of Miller Lite.

The following were pretty much my view for the day....

Of course, Tad had to get a photo of us girls doing what we do best. Notice the Carnival guy with the drink tray. We utilized this MORE than once!!

These days at sea would probably seem pretty boring to most - 'cause we really didn't do anything. We laid in the sun, read our books, listened to music, and drank foo-foo drinks from early morning until late afternoon. Life just doesn't get much better!

After a day of total relaxation, we showered and got dressed and ready for our Dinner Club reservation. The Glory's Dinner Club is called the Emerald Room. There is a $30 per person charge for this reservation, but it was probably the best dinner any of us have ever had. We were told to allow 2 1/2 hours for the "dining experience". The cuts of meat are brought to your table and described in great detail. Everything is very relaxed - not rushed. We drank wine, took photos of our food and enjoyed our wonderful dinner with friends.

OK, so now after 2+ hours of eating we go back to our rooms - change into comfy clothes and then it's on to the "DECK PARTY" which starts at 11:30 p.m. Under the stars on the LIDO Deck, a DJ playing, lots of Electric Slide and Cha Cha Slide and a Mexican Buffet to boot.

We crawled into bed sometime around 1:00 a.m.

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