Friday, March 14, 2008

Three Weeks and Counting.....

We planned our trip so long ago and now it's just around the corner. My guest room has become the "staging area". Suitcases are out, stacks of summer clothes are ready, and a very long and detailed packing list has begun. I know I probably won't even use half the stuff I'm packing - but I'm the ultimate "planner" and I have to be prepared - just in case. I mean, who really thinks that they need bug spray on a cruise ship? There's no bugs in the middle of the ocean!! Yeah - but we're doing a river tubing excursion in Belize and we have to hike through the jungle for 45 minutes to get to the river, so.......bug spray.

The real issue is SHOES! If I were just going to Florida for a week with my family, I'd spend the entire week in flip-flops. On a cruise ship, we have formal nights and evening meals and flip flops don't quite cut it with my "little black dress". So I've packed the black heels and the three pair of flip flops (which color coordinate with my outfits), and another pair of sandals to go with my sundress, and the water shoes for the river tubing and I'll wear my crocs on the plane. Can you see my predicament here?

OK - so all this talk of packing is stressing me out. I just want to get on the plane in Chicago and step off in Orlando and hug my little brother!

Three more weeks......

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