Thursday, March 13, 2008


.....spring is in the air. Three consecutive days of temps in the upper 40's - almost 50. The sun has been shining. Those awful mounds of dirty snow, scraped to the sides of parking lots are diminishing. Life is good!

Monday night, Kelli came home from softball practice with a big smile on her face and clutching her new varsity uniform. The reason for the smile? She managed to snag her favorite - good old number 7. All of her siblings wore this number throughout the years. It's become a family tradition and she wanted to keep it going.

OK - so it's the night before the first "real" practice and I understand you're excited, but know this. After tonight, this bat bag and it's contents will NOT be allowed in my kitchen. It will be full of mud and dirt and sunflower seeds.

I stopped to pick her up yesterday after work. Luckily they were practicing outside and I was able to snap a couple of photos from the car window. Of course, it didn't take long for this group to notice me with my camera. Now, what happens when teenage girls see a camera? They POSE!

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