Friday, February 15, 2008

Needed For Hire: Roadies

Local club bands don't have the benefit of roadies - you know, the guys who get paid to unload the equipment and the miles of wire, set it all up, do the sound checks and hand it all off to the band at the appointed hour and then tear it all down and load the trucks in the wee hours of the morning. Nope - Rock Star and the rest of the guys in the band don't have roadies - they do it all themselves. On a typical Saturday night, they meet at 5:00 and load all the equipment and transfer it to the site of the event. For the next four hours, they set everything up (and drink beer).

Now, it's time for sound checks. "Testing - Testing - 1-2-3 - Check, Check".

OK - everything is plugged in where it's supposed to be and sounds pretty darn good - so we have another beer and wait for our groupies to arrive.

The lights are dimmed, the crowd arrives and another gig is underway. You know how there's always one of "those girls" in the crowd. Well, that's our Chrissie. She secretly dreams of being a rock star and she loves to grab her dad's tambourine and join him on certain songs. (... and he secretly loves it when she does that.)

Bobby and his bunch always show up late - but when they do, they're ready for a good time and they take control of the dance floor.

Before we know it, it's 1:00 in the morning and time to tear it all down and load it back on the trucks. This is when they REALLY wish they had roadies. a couple of weeks, we'll do it all again!


Arlette said...

On February 3, 2007 the had a Florida Boy Roadie for 1 night......

Life's A Journey... said...

I think you need to post a video of the band performing sometime! I'd LOVE to hear them! Looks like SUCH fun! Carrie needs to get out there and shake a little booty!

Patty Knight said...

Yeah, well that Florida Roadie couldn't handle the pressure!

Amy Bradburn said...

I was really hoping we could see Onion this past Saturday, I called and Bob said I had to wait until March.