Thursday, February 21, 2008

It Has Begun.....

I started making stacks of clothes to pack for the cruise. I just need to see what we have and what we might still need. I'm in pretty good shape - but I will not let ROCK STAR set foot on that ship looking like some Hoosier Geek. I have to keep reminding him that this is NOT some baseball trip with his buddies - living in a condo in Ft. Myer - and wearing the same pair of shorts for a week.

I tried on a few things (and my bathing suits) and realize that I STILL have some more weight to lose and I definately have to hit the tanning salon. This lily white winter skin needs some help before it meets that Caribbean sun. 44 days - 6 weeks from tomorrow, we'll be on our way with an early morning flight out of O'Hare. As for tonight, it's off to watch American Idol and do another mile with my best friend - the treadmill.

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