Monday, February 04, 2008

Changes on the Horizon.....

Last Thursday, Bob received word that his company (Clark Foodservice) had sold the South Bend Division to US Foodservice. We are part of the "lucky" group - the sales force. The office personnel and warehouse workers will be out of a job in sixty days. As thankful as we are that US Foodservice purchased the customer base and the sales force, our hearts are heavy for all of the friends and co-workers who are affected by this sale. Bob went into meetings on Friday afternoon with the new owner and was presented with a generous offer - which he accepted today. He will maintain his same accounts here in northern Indiana and southern Michigan and hopefully build on that existing business. The other good word was that they would honor vacations, which of course had us a little worried - since this is all supposed to take place by April 1st and we sail on April 5th. The Division President called our house on Sunday afternoon to encourage Bob to accept the offer and assured him that his cruise was in no jeopardy - at which time Bob informed him that our kids were lining up and making bids on his ticket.

As for the rest of our weekend - we basically gutted Kevin's bedroom. We painted, bought him a new mattress for his bed, moved his television from atop his dresser to an extra entertainment center we had and switched dressers - which of course meant cleaning out all of his dresser drawers. It was a good feeling to get this bedroom renovated and a good way to keep our minds off of the job situation.

So, February is here and we are ready for changes on the horizon. We're going into this with a positive attitude and hope for the future. Bob is happy because he will still have the opportunity to work with men that he respects and looks upon as friends. AND - in 60 days, we can leave it all behind for a week as we cruise the Caribbean with 40 friends and family members.

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