Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodbye to January....

January is under our belt - tomorrow is February 1st. One month closer to spring, and high school softball, and our cruise - (64 days to be exact). But January isn't going to leave quietly. We have the very real threat of a big snowstorm tonight - 6-10 inches forcasted.

As for February - one blink and it will be GONE. Aside from this coming weekend (which I'm looking so very forward to because we have NOTHING and I can scrapbook), our calendar is full - two ONION gigs, Kelli's 16th birthday, Kelli's day in Chicago to see "RENT", my Saturday "surprise day" with Chrissie on the 23rd, (I can't tell the details here because she reads my blog), and another surprise "date night" I have planned for ""Rock Star on the 29th. Hmmmmm a month filled with music, birthdays and surprises. Lots to look forward to!!!!

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