Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Today....I Relax!

The past 48 hours have been a blur of cooking, being the perfect hostess, etc. Today, we're off to Mass and then to Carrie and Joe's for lunch. I've cooked the turkey (or maybe I should say that Mr. Turkey is roasting at a comfy 350 degrees as I type). We'll stop back here and pick him up after Mass and go to Carrie's. I'm looking forward to an afternoon relaxing at their beautiful home and watching my grandkids wade through what Santa brought them.

As for last night, here's Bobby (holding Ben), Kelli, Kevin, Katie and Angela.

....and Kelli with her two nieces - Anna and Grace.

...and me with Grace.

Nolan got a "FROG" Webkin.

Ben and Jack got remote control cars and could have cared less about the rest of their presents.

One of the hi-lights of the evening was hearing Nolan sing "Silent Night" to Anna. Her eyes never left him and she made little "baby noises" - like she was trying to sing with him.

Here's the grandkids wrestling with "Rock Star".....

....and the grandkids getting the BEST of "Rock Star".

Here's ALL of us, crowded around the Christmas tree. Looks like we need a bigger room, or a bigger tree. I look at this photo and realize how truely blessed I am. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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