Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's been almost six years since he joined our family. He was just this sad little guy who had barked himself hoarse, when Katie and I came upon him at a local adoption day. Kelli had been after us for months to get a dog. I decided that I would start visiting the local shelters until I found just the right one. You know - not too big, housebroke, non shedding - in other words, the "perfect dog". When I walked through the door and heard that pitiful bark and saw that black cocker spaniel in that cage, I knew that was the dog for us. (I grew up with a black cocker and I knew I HAD to have this dog). We took him out of the cage, played with him for a few minutes and that was it - LOVE at first sight! I filled out the paperwork, made the arrangements to pick him up on Monday and went home to break the news to Bob. When I brought him home, we had a big red bow tied around his neck and we had Kelli blindfolded. He immediately jumped into her lap and she squealed with delight. Six years later, he sleeps in a pink, heart shaped bed at the foot of her bed. Life has been good to this little guy.

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