Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm a Machine......Just Crankin' Them Out

I haven't got much else done since September, but I've managed to complete seven afghans and I still have two in progress. I get up early in the morning and crochet before I go to work, I crochet on my lunch hour and again at night. I'm obsessed about getting all of them done before Christmas!!! One, I already gave to Kelli (purple and gold - school colors). I was saving it for Christmas but she weezled it out of me on a particulary cold high school football game night. The rest are Christmas gifts and I promise to post photos after they've been given to their new owners. In between afghans, I've even managed three scarves. These are a "quick fix" - in fact, I made one last evening in one sitting. I've got some beautiful yarn to make a scarf for myself, but first I've got to get past all my other commitments - which include wrapping gifts, shopping for two 2-year old's birthday presents, scrapbooking projects, and a weekend in Chicago with my husband for our anniversary. WOW - I can't wait for January!!!

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