Friday, December 07, 2007

Clay High School Presents....CINDERELLA

We're so excited to be able to go and see "Cinderella" tomorrow - performed by Kelli's classmates at Clay High School. One of Kelli's best friends, Arri Pittman has the lead roll. There was a great article this week in the South Bend Tribune and I just had to share the photo and part of the article. Good luck Arri!!!! We'll be there, cheering you on!

Star Feels Like Cinderella - Sophomore Gets Lead Role

Arri Pittman sounds a little like Cinderella when the Clay High School sophomore talks about getting the chance to play her in this weekend's production. "I am nervous, but it's so exciting at the same time," Pittman said. "And it's all going by too fast. I will be sad when it's over," she said, "but I am just trying to appreciate every moment."

She even says she feels like Cinderella."It's kind of like what happened with this," she said of getting the lead role as just a sophomore. "You come from being a freshman and having no leads and it's like you are the lead. It's exciting. You are Cinderella in Cinderella."

According to director David Case, there are plenty of good reasons for her selection despite her limited experience, including that she is indeed Cinderella-like."She had an innocence about her and a purity that fit the role nicely," Case said. "Cinderella has to be an innocent young girl who just lives life every day and doesn't have anything bad to say about anyone and loves everybody."And Arri portrayed that during the audition. And her voice is absolutely gorgeous.

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