Thursday, December 27, 2007

Four Months Worth of Yarn....

Well, I know I talked the talk about how much crocheting I was getting done and how many projects I completed - but I couldn't post photos because most of the items were Christmas gifts. Now that these things have found their way into their new homes, I can show you the finished products.

This ripple afgan in shades of blue, cream and brown is now at home with Carrie and Joe - perfect for their newly decorated master bedroom.

I used this giant "granny" pattern for several of the afghans, simply because it worked up so quickly. This one (in shades of green and pink) went home with Bobby and Angela.

Katie and Santiago took home this one in shades of blue and brown.

Colleen and Jimmy's was done in shades of cream, rust, brown and blue.

...and finally, Chrissie and Brock's - jewel tones in large blocks stitched together.

Now, I'm under no pressure. I'm working on one more for the Clay Athletic Silent Auction and getting back to my scrapbooking. I am glad that I found my way back to crocheting - a craft that my grandmother taught me 40 years ago. I feel that now I'm passing on a little bit of her to my children through these afghans.


pamala said...

They are all gorgeous!!! What a lot of labor and love. Great job!

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