Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankful for Monday.....

The last four days seem somewhat of a blur in my mind. After spending Wednesday evening up to my elbows in pumpin pies, cornbread casserole, brocolli salad and party mix, we were up and on the road at 6:30 Thursday morning. Traffic was light and we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house at 11:00 (their time). Needless to say, little Anna was the highpoint of the day for many family members - getting their first chance to hold her and kiss her. I just couldn't believe how good she was - being passed from person to person and hardly a nap all day. Here she is about 9:00 on Thanksgiving evening - passed out!

It's tradition for all of the Knight children to pose in their "oldest - youngest" photo too.

After lunch, my group headed to the retirement home to visit Aunt Mabel. The sight of this BUNCH brought tears to her eyes.

Some of our kids had to work on Friday, so they journeyed home after our visit with Aunt Mabel. The rest of us relaxed and stayed until Friday afternoon before starting home. The girls did some shopping and the boys spent the afternoon visiting the old neigborhood where Bob grew up near St. Louis - and of course a stop at a favorite bar for a couple of cold ones. It was late afternoon before we started for Indiana and well after midnight before getting home.

Saturday morning, it was up and out the door for Allegan, Michigan for the wedding of Jessica Gibson and Brandon Mock. Jessica played softball at LMC with the twins and Katie was a bridesmaid in the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and reception - held at The Silo Banquet Facility. It was decorated for a "country Christmas" and really put us into the holiday mood.

It was fun to see the girls celebrating with all of their old college friends. I remember when these kids would show up on my doorstep and would sleep on the couch. Now, they're all grown up and college grads and making their way in the world.

And of course, the hi-light for some of us was having Bob's band play at the reception. This was a first for the band - never had played at a wedding before. The bride was insistant on the fact that she wanted his band to play. All I can say is that it was a great success!! The band was supposed to stop at 11:00 and at 11:30, the dance floor was still packed and everyone was chanting, "ONE MORE SONG - ONE MORE SONG".

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