Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scarf Frenzy

I started making the "FLOWER" scarf for Gracie a couple of weeks ago - had the flowers finished, just needed to stitch them together. I think it will be a cute accessory for her pink winter coat. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn - Blue Heather, Azalea, Avocado, Lemongrass and Violet. The pattern was shown on their website http://www.lionbrand.com/

The tweed scarf was made in just one day, using Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in Prairie. This yarn is so soft - just perfect for a scarf. In fact, I bought some more to make one for myself. The scarf shown here was made for Kelli. We were on our way home from our Thanksgiving holiday and stopped at a Cracker Barrel to eat. She found a scarf similar to this one in the gift shop with a $30 price tag on it and really wanted to buy it. I told her I could make one for a whole lot less - and I did - $4.99 to be exact. I gave it to her last night and she was thrilled - posing in front of the mirror - tying it, wrapping it. So, scarves are done and it's back to my final afghan to complete before Christmas. It helps that I was able to crochet all the way to southern Illinois and BACK!!!

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