Thursday, January 04, 2007

27 Years...

Twenty seven years ago yesterday, I was the mother of two.

Twenty seven years ago today, I became the mother of four.

Life changed drastically! All of a sudden, I had two tiny babies, hooked up to countless machines. A month later, I brought home two 5 pound babies and the real "fun" began.

They shared a crib and then bunkbeds and a bedroom until they went to college - and then they even shared a room in college. They shared a car and clothes. After college, they shared an apartment. And then Jimmy came along and swept Colleen off her feet. The speech that Katie made at Colleen and Jimmy's wedding had the entire room of 350 guests in tears.

They may not live under the same roof any longer, but they don't go more than 48 hours without seeing each other. Katie watches Ben when Colleen needs help and Colleen is always there to do Katie's hair.

I remember reading a sign one time that said, "You know it's going to be a bad day when....your twin forgets your birthday."

Happy Birthday Girls! Your mom loves you very much!!!

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