Monday, October 02, 2006


Why is it that the work week drags and yet there's never enough hours in a weekend??? Maybe it's because the list of things I try to accomplish each weekend just gets longer and longer! Bob and I shampooed carpet on Saturday morning (in preparation for our company this weekend), then picked up 100 wings and headed to Bobby's house to watch the Irish and the Boilermakers. There was a houseful on Ebeling Street - lots of food, lots of beer and a couple of bottles of Irish Juice. After lots of eating, drinking, cheering (and a little swearing), we headed for home - taking all the back roads and staying as far from campus as possible. Yesterday, Kevin's college team had a double header about two hours north of here, Bob's team had a practice game in preparation for their upcoming trip to the Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Meyer and I had a "photo session" planned with my grandchildren for an upcoming Design Team assignment. Even with all of that, we still managed dinner (chinese food) with Colleen, Jimmy and Ben. Colleen gave Kelli hi-lights at the kitchen table in exchange for free babysitting next weekend. Those two definately know how to "work it". So it's Monday morning and I'm back at the grind. Lots to do this week in preparation for another busy weekend - company from Chicago - a big tailgate - Kelli's first time to attend a game INSIDE Notre Dame Stadium - and Bob's band playing on Saturday night. Oh - and our son in law, Jimmy's birthday with dinner at the Bonefish on Sunday night. WHEW - makes me tired just thinking about it!

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