Friday, September 22, 2006

Prison Break Junkie

My daughters have turned me into a Prison Break "junkie". All last season, Carrie and Colleen and Katie kept telling me that I needed to watch this new show on Fox. I had missed the first few installments and didn't want to jump in not knowing what was going on. So, over the summer they "schooled" me on the ins and outs of Prison Break. A few weeks ago when the new season started, they sat with me and watched the latest episode - answering my questions and guiding me into the new season.

...and what did they do this week? They convinced me to buy Season 1 on DVD! Now, every night I'm journeying through Fox River State Penitentary with Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield. It won't be long until I'm caught up and just as addicted as my offspring. I mean, come on - these two are not especially hard to look at week after week...

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