Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fall is Upon Us...

September is almost over!! Where the heck did this month go?? The leaves are starting to fall, the evenings and the mornings are chilly and the apple orchards are full.

Kevin's off to college and it seems the only time we see him is when he decides to pop in for a hot meal. Besides classes, he has baseball practice 6 days a week and the season doesn't start for six months!

Kelli's enjoying high school and her classes. She's such a social butterfly - with a long list of new friends. I think Colleen and Carrie are frustrated with their "babysitter" and her weekend social life.

As for Bob and I - he bought a new car last week and is getting excited about his upcoming "guys" week in Florida. He'll be heading back to Ft. Meyers in late October to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series again. That's "ok" with me, because 5 weeks later I'll be going on a little trip of my own. I can hear the Caribbean calling my name as I type.

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