Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cheering On the Irish

Is there any better way to spend a warm and sunny day in September? Not if you live in South Bend, Indiana and are a fan of the Fighting Irish. We were on campus early - 8:30 a.m. - setting up our tailgate in the parking lot of The Linebacker. Bob's baseball team definately knows how to throw a tailgate - two deep fried turkeys and some fresh bluegill - along with meatballs, brats and plenty of hotdogs. Kelli and I took off early to walk the campus. She'd never been inside the Golden Dome or Sacred Heart Cathedral. We visited the Grotto and of course, we had to visit the bookstore and pick her up one of the new "shirts" - along with one for my little brother in Florida. We made it back to the tailgate in time to feast on the turkey and meet up with Bobby, Chrissie and Brock. It wan't long before Katie and Colleen found us - or should I say, found the coolers and the food. Football Saturdays consist of eating and drinking your way around the campus to numerous tailgates. Kelli couldn't get enough of the people with their bodies painted green and wearing little leprechaun hats. She really got a laugh out of seeing little old men with leprechauns on their pants. Everyone's "Irish" in South Bend on Notre Dame Saturdays.

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