Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twin “Connection”

Scientists will tell you that twins share a special bond – a connection that the rest of us can’t quite understand.  As the mother of twins, I’ve witnessed this “connection” from the moment my two were just a few days old.  I remember entering the ICU one day and seeing their incubators pushed together.  The nurses told me that the girls were both fussy and the minute they pushed the incubators close (where they could sense each other), they both quieted down and went to sleep.  That was the first of MANY stories I could share over the past 30 years.

When Colleen married Jimmy, Katie was the Maid of Honor and I remember her speech leaving the room a mass of tears and tissues. 

So, when Katie married Santiago, I knew it would be an emotional day for the two of them.  Three sisters (Carrie, Chrissie and Kelli) walked down the aisle with beautiful smiles.  Matron of honor, and twin sister Colleen, couldn’t hide her emotions.

IMG_4594  IMG_4595


Colleen didn’t disappoint with her speech.  The most touching moment was when Colleen told a story of Jimmy being out of town on business and Katie offering to spend the night.  Benjamin was an infant – and he was having a fussy night.  Colleen got up in the middle of the night to find Katie, sitting in his nursery – rocking him.  Benjamin looked up at his mother, then looked at Katie, and then back at his mother – and he smiled – as if to say, “if I cry hard enough – they multiply”. 

Is there anything more beautiful than the emotion captured in photographs??


IMG_5094  IMG_5090IMG_5091    IMG_5098 IMG_5099 IMG_5100



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That's very emotional. Congratulations to the couple.

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