Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turned Out Just How I Wanted….

I had a plan.  I found the INNISFREE, an Irish/Celtic Bed and Breakfast here in South Bend.  My idea was to book the 3rd floor suite and have it for my five daughters to use the night before the wedding.  Kind of a final “slumber party”  for the sisters.  At the last minute, I booked a room for Arlette and I to join the girls.  Our hostess called me that morning and informed me that we were the only guests in the house and she was going to give me a complimentary room – so Arlette and I had our own rooms – and we had the entire house at our disposal. 



We checked in before the rehearsal.  Dropped off our bags and our wedding attire and then headed to the church and the rehearsal dinner.  After dinner, some of the sisters stopped for a drink, but Carrie and Arlette and Kelli and I took Grace and went to the Innisfree. 

You know how you get when you’ve drank some wine and you’re tired and you spend time with a bunch of girls?  Well these pictures show how the evening went.





Don’t ask…..



This night ended up being EXACTLY what I wanted. One last night with all my girls.  Tomorrow, my 4th daughter will marry.

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